Digital marketing consulting services

In a nutshell, I help companies do better. Sell more, make more money, get noticed, raise their profile and that sort of stuff.

My strengths lie on the strategic planning side, my passion firmly with design and brand. But that doesn’t mean I’m a slouch when it comes to hands-on marketing, or managing a project, both of which I tend to approach with gusto. I can also be a bit evangelistic when it comes to new technology, so please bear with me if I start gushing about the latest project management software (unless you’re interested in how it could benefit your company of course, in which case I’d be super excited!).

The list of digital marketing consulting services below (pretty long, I know) details the different areas I cover. –Now, I don’t make out to be a leading expert in all of them, but I have a pretty hot network of highly skilled people who help me out when needed. Denis, for example, helps me out with some pretty impressive visual identity designJacob with UX, when he’s not too busy working at some big agency, and Andrew for anything big data. 

Internal and external audits
Market research and mapping
Competitor research
Brand strategy
Digital strategy
Marketing strategy
Corporate visual identity
Advertising and campaigns
Print design and management
Creative copywriting
Information architecture
User experience
Design (mobile, tablet, web, responsive)
Development (website, mobile site, apps)
Website copywriting
Content management
Search marketing (SEO, PPC, Affiliate)
Email marketing
Inbound Marketing
Display advertising
Campaign management
Analytics and evaluation

The relationship can be as involved or casual as your business demands, so whether you need to create and run a full marketing function, from creating a corporate identity through to the implementation of a full marketing plan, or just need someone to run email marketing campaigns, we have the right solution to suit your needs.

I typically start by getting to know your business and the market you compete in thoroughly in order to fully understand the challenges you’re facing as well as your business objectives. To get this part right is crucial to be able to advise on and put in place a cost effective strategy that will yield results.

If you want to find out more about my approach and how we can work together why not take advantage of a 45-min free consultation over a cuppa?