Digital marketing

The digital marketing is the last step where all the prior work comes together. The focus will be on driving your business in a way that will create maximum value and support your long-term goals.

There is a plethora of different tactics that can be deployed to support these goals and it’s our job to advise you on the most effective ones, both from an ROI perspective as well as absolute results. Once the optimal digital mix is decided the plan can be put into action. The main areas that we cover are:

SEO (aka black magic) – Depending on a number of factors up to 80% of your web traffic can come from search engines so missing out on SEO is not really an option.

PPC (paid search) – It’s been around for aeons and it’s pretty costly. But it works. Google is still king but Bing and Yahoo still matter so spreading your budget across all three is best. 

Display advertising – Design banners, write effective copy, identify the right media, negotiate the rate and drive business to your doorstep. We have the experience in creating and managing campaigns to ensure that you get the most out of them. 

Affiliate marketing – Around since the 90s, syndicating your adverts to affiliate networks is an effective way of reaching your customers. Better for b2c than b2b but don’t forget that you can commoditise aspects of your services too. 

Email marketing – Powerful way of keeping in touch with your customers and a must for any marketing efforts. Best combined with a healthy dose of great content to share.

Inbound marketing – Content marketing renamed. And turbo charged through the use of social media. This is where a lot of companies are starting to focus their attention and rightfully so.

Campaign management – Once the mix is determined and everything is put into action you need someone to manage the running of the campaigns, as well as monitoring and analysing the results.

Analytics and evaluation – Using a number of methods of measuring results against customer spending we not only work out the ROI but also where we need to tweak things and where the budget is best spent.