Professional services marketing

Client: My FD
Sector: Accounting services 
Project: strategic consultancy, brand development, visual identity, service line development, web project management, copywriting.

Background: My FD, a venture capital backed start-up, needed help bringing a fixed fee accounting service, aimed at the contractor market in the UK, to market. At the outset, there was only a gap in the market and a seedling of a service offering; th digital marketing worked closely with the executive team to formulate the service offering, develop a concept and a brand, and translate this into tangible assets to form a platform from which to base professional services marketing.

The challenge: Speed. When the team behind My FD approached me one of the key objectives were to have the go-to-market platform ready ahead of December (2012), to give them adequate time to trim in the sales team before the January launch of the business.

The solution: th digital marketing consulting put together and delivered a project plan that covered all of the bases for what My FD needed to go to market, including the development of a brand concept and strategy, the development of a logo and a visual identity, a portal website to access their proprietary accounting solution, stationery, post-sales material, as well as the sourcing and set-up of an email marketing solution. th dmc also provided the copywriting services for the website, post sales material and product guides. All of this was at the disposal of the team at My FD in less than 8 weeks, ahead of the deadline.

End result: My FD launched their business on the planned date and have since had a positive response, both in terms of their service/product offering as well as in terms of the visual appeal of the assets. The visual identity sets them apart in an otherwise drab lineup of accounting firms and the slick and modern user experience of the website creates the right sort of impact to support their business.

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