Web technology

Web technology and design that is fit for purpose and support your overall goals should be a given today, but there are still many companies who have yet to make the necessary investment in their digital capability. 

All digital marketing (and non-digital too really) is founded on great technology. It’s the technology that’s enabling us to reach the consumer instantaneously, at almost any time of the day, whether it’s through a website, email marketing, search marketing or just the publishing of great content. It’s also created a platform where we the client and customer can engage, making it a two-way street rather than a collection of one-way channels. 

It’s also (thankfully) enabled us to more than ever evaluate the work we do and the money we spend on marketing our business and its products and services. The measuring of ROI has also never been easier, leading to more transparency between what an agency does and the benefit it delivers. In short, you, the client, should always expect to know what you get back from an investment. Well, almost always, as certain things are nigh on impossible to measure (ask me what they are!).

We take pride in working with the latest and best web standard technologies out there and believe that you should expect nothing less*. Some of the solutions that we would love to help you with are:

Content Management Systems (CMS) – gives you full power over your website
Websites – standards compliant, responsive websites coded in HTML5 and CSS3
Microsites – simple websites that support specific campaigns (CMS)
Smartphone apps – bring your idea to life on the fastest growing platform
Email marketing solutions – keep in touch with your customers and fans
Web survey solutions – find out what your customers and fans think
Analytics – find out what works and what doesn’t

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* It’s not uncommon for agencies to sell solutions based on antiquated technology just because it’s cheaper (it’s expensive to up-skill developers and coders), and just because they can. Everyone can’t be an expert in web and marketing technology and to exploit a client’s ignorance to sell a sub standard solution is just wrong.

You can always expect me to be straight up and honest about the solutions that we recommend.

This is something we feel very strongly about so sorry if it came across as a bit strong.